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Federal benefit programs, including Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) as well as the additional $300 per week for most claimants, expired the week ending Sept. 4, 2021 For the week ending Sept 11, 2021... 180,372 people were receiving an unemployment  check.  Because of the expiration of the special COVID programs the figure for the week ending Sept 18, 2021 plummeted to 53,687 people receiving a check. Read the rest here.

AS IT BECOMES CLOSER TO ELECTION TIME; we need to get more information to you on local elections and beyond. 

We need to publish information on County Council races, On City Council Races and On School Board Races and many more.  In order to do this We Need Your Support.  Please Donate  here.

Read here: Whatcom County and Auditor Diana Bradrick have been sued by the “Washington Election Integrity Coalition United” a non-profit corporation.  The Auditor has been served with the suit and referred all questions to the Prosecutor’s office. A post by the Auditor here in the Spring responds to some of the concerns of the Suit

Guest Writer Molly Crocker Explains why The Growth Management Act is no longer a good model for Washington.

"There’s a push to move everyone out of the country and pack us into steel-and-concrete structures with asphalt outside and linoleum inside". Read the whole Story here

Dan Johnson Fourth Corner Guest Videographer: “I was given a video showing how a local teacher is conducting his civics class. This is unedited audio and the video has been edited only to try and protect the identity of the teacher. It is clear what the message is. Is this right or wrong? Should safeguards be put into place to monitor/audit the public classroom? Check the rest of the article here. 

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